Suicide rates increasing

It’s really distressing to learn that suicide rates are rising after recent declines. Today, the Office for National Statistics released figures showing a significant rise in suicide rates in 2011. 6,045 people died – 437 than the year before. The statistics for Wales are particularly worrying – 30% rise. The highest rate is for men aged between 30-44 years. Qualitative survey suggests this rise reflects the economic pressures many people are experiencing. With men accounting for more than twice more suicide than women it’s imperative that men receive encouragement to seek help and that support services are appropriate for them. We hope that all local Clinical Commissioning Groups and Public Health teams will take seriously the figures and ensure they put into place local implementation plans outlining how the National Suicide Prevention Strategy will be delivered in their areas. Please let us know if you would like a template letter to send to your local Director of Public Health asking what action they are taking. For more details about the ONS evidence see:

Posted on January 22nd, 2013
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