Exploring the research focus

Over the last six weeks, Amy has met with a number of leading academics and medical professionals to discuss the research scope for the fund. She has gathered expert opinion about the three core areas that we have identified as being the potential focus for the Fund’s work, and also investigated other areas that to date have had little attention and that would benefit from the funds and profile that we could bring.  To date medical and academic professionals have expressed a particular interest in the Fund exploring the link between depression and tinnitus. It seems that this is area has not been extensively researched and professionals say the impact of tinnitus is poorly understood, and that it is a notoriously difficult condition to treat. It is also felt that it would be beneficial for us to support a highly specific issue in order to enable more direct accountability of the Fund’s impact.

It is our intention to continue to scope the opportunities for the next two months. Amy has several important meetings scheduled for September including at the Institute of Psychiatry and Department of Health with Louis Appleby the NHS’s mental health tsar. By December, we plan to write and issue the brief for the research programme we wish to fund. The deadline for proposal submissions will be set for early March 2010, and the funding will be issued in April 2010. Some of the professionals Amy has been liaising with have agreed to peer review the proposals we receive to help our decision making. We believe that these deadlines will also allow us time for at least two significant fund raising initiatives which will be separately detailed on this site.

Posted on September 2nd, 2009
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