Fund Raising: Art Auction

Your support needed please.

Our first major fundraising activity is going to be an Art Auction. We have been busy approaching our immediate network of family and friends as well as wider contacts who are artists in order to ask them if they would be prepared to donate works that we can auction to raise money. The response so far has been fabulous and we have received around 20 pledges for paintings, photographs and sculptures from a wonderful selection of talented and high profile people. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us. The art works will be exhibited at a London venue and an auction held. We expect to secure good media coverage of the event which will be complemented by an online auction on this website.

We desperately need additional support to help make the event a success:

  1. We need a venue!  Ideally in London and available in November for a minimum of three days. It doesn’t have to be a gallery, we can use an empty shop, an office lobby or a community space. If you think you might know somewhere suitable that we can use free of charge then please let us know as soon as possible.  We had thought we had someone suitable by unfortunately it has just fallen through and is not now available until spring 2010.
  2. We are still looking for additional art works. So if you, or anyone you know is interested to support the cause of mental health research then we’d love to hear from you. Any medium is welcome. We can also arrange framing of items.
  3. If you are looking to buy some art then please come along to the event, or visit the website and bid for one/some of the works.
  4. Please spread the word and tell everyone you know about the art auction we need a big turnout at the event and on the website.
  5. If you can help on the day(s) of the exhibition and auction then we welcome extra pairs of hands.
Posted on September 2nd, 2009
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